Empowering Parents to parent, and Educators to educate.

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About  KidKonnect™

KidKonnect is the only program in Austin that combines the disciplines of neuroscience, psychology, biology, and gender difference research to help parents and educators more effectively connect with and teach kids. KidKonnect helps you to align your parenting and teaching styles with the ways the brain naturally learns best, for both boys and girls.  We work to help you avoid excessive struggling and conflict at home and in the classroom, while building stronger and more connected relationships with your children.

For Parents

Our goal is to help parents build confidence in their parenting and to build meaningful life-long relationships with their children, through a deeper understanding of their children's developing minds.

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For Educators

We help educators take full advantage of leading research and development in educational techniques, raising the performance of both the teacher and the student.

Services for Educators:

Busting Brain Myths

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