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For Parents

I want to be the best parent I can be. But how can I be a good parent and still connect and have fun with my children?

- At KidKonnect, we have a plan.

At KidKonnect we know that you want to be a great parent, but we also know how difficult it is. You work every day to ensure that your children are growing, learning, and are happy too. So why do you find yourself arguing and struggling with them so much? Does parenting need to be so draining and frustrating? Can't it be more rewarding?

Believe it or not, you can build a more relaxed easy-going relationship with your kids, and at the same time be a better parent. Parenting can be a rewarding experience that is good for you as well as your children.

At KidKonnect we believe that the secret to great parenting is in:

" Informed Connected Parenting."

When you travel, do you drive around aimlessly without a map? Then why would you want to navigate your child's life stages without a map?

Fortunately, modern research has given us a wonderful blueprint of our kids' brains and how their brains change throughout their lives. Armed with this information and how it affects our kids' lives, KidKonnect can give you the knowledge and tools to become a better and more connected parent.

By developing a thorough understanding of your children’s physiology and development, you can build a more solid connection with them, allowing you to parent more effectively and providing a rewarding experience for both you and your kids.

An Informed Connected Parent is intimately involved with their children's lives and needs, the world they live in, and their growing and developing minds.

An Informed Connected Parent is able to cultivate responsibility and resiliency while providing a nurturing, loving, and safe environment.

The first step is to understand that as your kids grow and mature, that their behavior is governed by a growing and maturing physical brain. Each kid's brain grows and matures differently based upon age, nutrition, gender, and even how they use it! By understanding the way that your kids' brains are growing and maturing, you can more easily and effectively guide their development. But you can also enjoy parenting more through a better connection to your kids that is possible when you understand them more fully.

At KidKonnect we provide education and training to help you fully understand your children’s development and the worlds in which they live. Based upon the most recent research, KidKonnect training will help you understand your children’s growing and changing brains and the differences that arise because of age, gender, and even genetics. Further, we will give you the tools to help you guide your kids' growth and development.

"I want to be sure my kids are excelling and reaching their fullest potential in school. How do I help them study smarter and become even better students?"

-- Hill County Middle School Mom

An understanding of the combination of cognitive neuroscience and gender differences helps parents determine and create an optimal learning and working environment for their children. Parents who understand the way in which their individual child learns, are more effective in creating an environment where they can study and be successful in school. For example, boys physically lag behind girls' in the development of the "executive control center" (or pre-frontal cortex, PFC) of the brain. So they need help organizing and managing their time so they can complete more and more complex assignments.

Due to the latest technological advances in neurophysiology, Pet and SPEC Scans of the male and female brain gives us proof positive that boys and girls learn differently. KidKonnect teaches parents about basic neuroscience and gender differences allowing them to help their children get ahead in school, and be their best advocate within their educational environment.

"My child is so very intelligent and gifted, but doesn't seem to enjoy school. How do I help him?"

-- Bridge Point Elementary Dad

Even if your child attends an outstanding school there may be times when they appear disinterested or struggling with day-to-day school activities and requirements. As our children are so very complex, so are the reasons for their occasional disinterest in school. Here are just a few of the many reasons:

At KidKonnect we have extensive experience with the evaluation of learning and educational difficulties. As each child is different, KidKonnect offers assessment, coaching and counseling, leading to effective solutions to many of the problems your child may be experiencing. We provide you with the training and tools necessary to help your child regain the interest and motivation to excel in school.

"Is my child playing too many video games? Should I be worried about his computer use?"

-- Eanes Elementary School Mom

The Kaiser Family Foundation recently reported that the average child now spends 44.5 hours a week in front her TV, video-games, and computer. Recent neuroscience research has shown that video games can cause the release of brain chemicals in much the same way as recreational drugs.

But is allowing your kids to play video games a bad thing? Should you keep your kids away from computers, and lock them away from the TV? No. All of these forms of media are important parts of our children's lives. The issue is in "how much" and "what kinds" of media they are consuming.

We are all facing these issues with our children. You are not alone. At KidKonnect we educate parents about the effect of screen time on brain development and suggest options for children and parents to make better choices together about their daily screen-time. We believe there are many hopeful ways to navigate this difficult issue as a family.